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Executive Director

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Lancy P. Allen is a native of Decatur, Ga. Her love for God has always been true and affirmed with manifested evidence. She is a visionary and has been on this journey for many years. She considers it to be an honor to nurtureand love people from all walks of life.
Lancy’s personal mission is to lead, teach, and empower God’s people by creating an environment to equip them to pursue an intimate relationship with God first, and learn to love self, so that God’s love will flow into the lives of others. Since moving to Gwinnett County, she has been blessed to serve in various ministries in the church and the community. Some of those roles have included being a prolific bible teacher, evangelizing to the homeless, and one of the founders of a prison ministry in DeKalb County.  She became owner and director of Little Kingdom KareDay Care, where the children’s needs were met physically, spiritually, and academically. Lancy’s life will never be the same because of the love, wisdom, and guidance the seniors imparted to her when she served as the director of the senior center at New Bethel A.M.E. Church.
Lancy officially answered the call, was licensed in 2002, and was ordained in the Ministry in 2009.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in ministry in 2011. Lancy is a certified Life Coach/Trainer/Speaker. She works diligently under the leadership of Reverend/Dr. Mark W. Thompson of Redemptive Life Fellowship Church in Conyers, Ga. Lancy is the Executive Officer and founder of ConnectOne2One, Inc. Connect One2One is a 501(c)3non-profit organization that will focused on transforming seasons of difficulty into seasons of grace, hope, and triumph into the lives of seniors, young adults, children, and families.
Lancy is a devoted wife of 33 years to Mr. Anderson Allen Jr. and a mother to one son and three stepdaughters. They have five grandchildren. She has made her home in Gwinnett County, Georgia for the last 35 years.

Lancy P. Allen: Meet the Team
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